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Member Benefits

Benefits of Membership include:

  • Discounted Entry Fees to VADA/Nova managed Schooling Shows
  • Priority for entering VADA/Nova managed Schooling Shows
  • Free auditing of all VADA/Nova clinics 
  • Participation in the VADA/Nova Year End Awards Program
  • “Piaffe and Passage” the VADA/Nova Newsletter published throughout the year
  • The Greenbook that is the VADA/Nova omnibus providing our calendar, as well as member information regarding volunteering, competing, and awards
  • VADA Membership including the Purple Book which provides the VADA omnibus covering the Virginia Dressage Association events
  • USDF Group Membership
  • Representation at State, Regional, and National Levels
  • Participation in clinics and educational opportunities
  • Participation in Partner Schooling Shows Series 

Family Membership

Family membership has the same benefits as Individual Membership and covers the same period but offers a reduced fee for others in the same family (defined as living at the same address) to become members.  The first Family member (Primary Family Member) pays the full $55.00 fee with each subsequent family member paying $25.00 for the same benefits. 

Volunteer Program

Volunteering offers a valuable way to learn what it takes to host shows, clinics, and other activities, and to contribute to the dressage community.  We encourage all of our members (and anyone else who is willing to help) to participate in our activities as volunteers. Without volunteers, we could not do all the wonderful events we have.