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VADA/Nova Volunteer Bucks Program

Any successful organization values its membership and VADA Nova is no exception. We firmly believe that the strength of our chapter is due entirely to the efforts and countless hours put in by so many willing and dedicated volunteers. One of the ways in which VADA Nova has “given back” to our volunteers has been our Volunteer Bucks program, allowing members (AND non-members) to convert the time and efforts donated to the chapter into credit toward memberships, schooling shows, clinics, awards functions and merchandise from participating businesses.

Starting in 2022, member and non-member volunteers now have access to Volunteer Bucks in their individual profiles on the website. These are found in the Payments/Credit History link under "Histories" in your profile. Approved and verified volunteer time will be listed, and Volunteer Bucks credits deposited, in each volunteer’s profile. The Board has been working over the past two years to upgrade our website and our member’s on-line experience. One of the areas which the Board believed needed updating was the Volunteer Bucks program. The past practice had been to issue paper Bucks to each volunteer by the activity manager. The biggest obstacle in administering that practice was that we did not have a workable procedure by which VADA Nova could track the Bucks over time and determine what was issued and how many were still outstanding. With that in mind, and in the interests of our fiduciary responsibilities to the organization, the Board instituted changes:

Any members in possession of paper Bucks was able to turn them in to the Treasurer by March 31, 2023 for conversion to electronic “Bucks” credits that were then deposited into each individual’s member profile. After 3/31/23 the paper Bucks were no longer valid.

Electronic Bucks issued into members’ profiles for 2022 volunteer time, as well as any paper Bucks that were returned and converted now have an expiration date of 12/31/23. Going forward, electronic Bucks for 2023 activities and beyond expire one year from the date of the activity in which the volunteer time was earned. The website “Bucks Store” which provides volunteers the access to purchase gift certificates with their electronic Bucks from our participating businesses/vendors is now active and can be found under the Volunteering tab. We are in the process of exploring and soliciting participation in our volunteer “Bucks” program by other interested businesses/vendors. Additional vendors and program updates are announced as they occur.

Lisa Rice, Treasurer
1456 Greenmont Court
Reston, VA 20190

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Find My Bucks
Find My Bucks

Volunteer Bucks are tracked in the Payment/Credit History link under "Histories" in your profile.

Click here to go directly to your Payment/Credit History. You will need to login first

Finding Volunteer Bucks in a Member Profile

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Participating Vendors
Participating Vendors

Please help us thank the following vendors for participating in our Volunteer Bucks Program.

Click any of the below logos to visit their store. Another tab will open in your web browser.


Another Turn Tack Logo

VTO Saddlery

MKR Designs Custom Embroidery Logo

Aster Equine Photography Logo

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Use My Bucks
Use My Bucks

There are two ways members can use their Volunteer Bucks credits (non-members should contact the Treasurer at to use their bucks). Please note the expiration dates rules below.:

1) To pay for memberships, schooling shows, clinics and/or awards functions. Credits will be available for use at checkout ONLY IF you are logged in. Follow the instructions that accompany each activity.

2) To purchase gift certificate vouchers to one of our participating vendors from the VADA/Nova Store ONLY IF you are logged in. Denominations available are $5, $10, $25 and $50. The VADA/Nova Store can be found in the Volunteer menu or click the button below to open the Store in a new tab.

Visit the Bucks Store Now

Once you have purchased your gift certificate vouchers, give the confirmation emails with the Order ID# and Order Date to the participating vendor. If making a purchase with a vendor through their online store, you will need to contact the vendor in advance for instructions.


  • Paper Bucks can no longer be used or redeemed for electronic Bucks.
  • Credits accumulated in 2022 and/or converted from paper must be used by 12/31/23.
  • Credits awarded for volunteer hours in 2023 and beyond expire one year from the date of the activity in which the volunteer time was earned.
  • Gift Certificate Vouchers expire one year from the Order Date.
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1) How can I use my Volunteer Bucks for another member or a non-member?

Upon checkout in the Store, you will be asked for whom the order is being placed (yourself, another member, or a non-member. For another member, select the member and then click the "Continue With Checkout" button. For a non-member, select an existing one or specify the contact information for a new non-member and then click the "Continue With Checkout" button.

2) Can I purchase vouchers in excess of my Bucks credits?

If you add more vouchers to your cart than you have Volunteer Bucks to pay, the Store will require you to use a credit card to complete your purchase. For example, if you only have $40 in Volunteer Bucks but you add a $50 gift certificate voucher to your cart, the Store will require a credit card for the balance due of $10.

3) Why does the Store think I'm purchasing a "Digital Product"?

We are using software that allows our Store to sell digital products such as downloadable publications which also works for our vendor gift certificate vouchers because they are not physical items.

4) Do I have to download the vouchers (aka Digital Certificates)?

NO. This is optional. We have designed the vouchers to serve as instruction aids which you can print. You do not give them to the vendor or back to VADA/Nova. You do however need to keep track of the confirmation email you received after you placed your order which has the Order ID# and the Order Date. You need to give this email to the vendor.

5) Once I receive my Order ID#, how do I use it with a participating vendor?

If placing your order online, contact the vendor first and get instructions to use your Volunteer Bucks. You will need to give the vendor your confirmation emails with the Order ID#s and Order Dates when placing the order. If purchasing items in person, just bring your emails with you. Each Order ID# can only be used once.

6) How can a non-member use their Bucks?

We welcome non-member volunteers and bucks will be issued to them for their time. Please contact the Treasurer at to learn your balance and how to redeem them.